Best suspense movies Hindi to watch in HD quality

Bollywood movies hold a different place in a person’s entertainment list. If they are addicted to Hindi movies, then for sure, they will not like any movie at all. Among all the genres, suspense movies hindi are famous, and people are so addicted to them. If you are fond of watching Hindi movies, then the list we are presenting below must be fulfilled by you, and you must have watch every movie from it. Let’s have a look at all the suspenseful movies that you must add to your list for a better experience.

watch suspense movies hindi


Drishyam is the perfect example for all those who want to know what desperate steps a man can take to save his family from the Dark Side of the law. In this movie, you will see Ajay Devgan and Tabu with some other actors. In this movie, the storyline is revolving around Ajay Devgan and Tabu and sets a perfect example that a man can do anything to save his family.

Manorma: Six Feet Under

Manorama Six Feet Under is the story of an amateur detective who is finding himself stuck in a murder mystery. In this movie, you will see AbhayDeol, Raima Sen, GulPanag, VinayPathak and some other actors along. The story plot is revolving around that murder mystery, and it is somewhat difficult to find out who is the real culprit.

Johnny Gaddar

Johnny Gaddar was the debut film done by Neil NitinMukesh and features and excellent suspense over the screen. This is a movie where a person has reached his fellow mates and run away with all the cash. But Karma holds something else, and it gives him death.


Ajnabee is the movie that brings out the fact that trusting the stranger blindly can be the biggest mistake of an individual’s life. This movie is about two couples who are living their life peacefully, but one couple tries to interfere in other person life and want to destroy them. This movie holds excellent suspense, which lets users feel stuck to it.

Special 26

Special 26 is a team of artists who are conducting loot to all the Businessmen and politicians for their black money, and CBI is behind it. In this movie, you will see actors including Akshay Kumar, AnupamKher, DivyaDutta and Jimmy Shergill. This one is the best suspense Hindi movie available right there.


Kahani is one of the most famous movies in Bollywood, and its features VidyaBalan in the lead role property is playing the role of a pregnant woman who is searching for her husband but somewhere is not satisfied because she is not able to to accomplish the task. But when it is about reaching the end, you will find out a lot to explore. The woman has crossed all the limits to find out her husband. This movie is worth watching when it is about suspense movies in Hindi.

Karthik Calling Karthik

Karthik Calling Karthik is a movie in which a story is revolving around an unknown caller. The unknown caller call the protagonist Karthik from time to time and starts to engage in a conversation. Along with FarhanAkhtar you will see DeepikaPadukone in this movie.


Kaun is Ram GopalVarma Masterpiece having UrmilaMatondkar in the main role. In this movie is there is a guest visit that appears to be dangerous. A lot of suspense is there in the movie, and at the end, the storyline is twisted.


Amitabh Bacchan is among those actors who put something different to every roll. The same happened when he played role in Badla movie. It is a revenge saga of a family with a business tycoon. The business tycoon has killed their son in a road accident and Amitabh Bachchan is behind it for finding the same.


Talash was one of the most famous movie from 2012, and in the lead role, Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee are there. In this movie, you will see KareenaKapoor as well, and Aamir Khan is playing the role of a police officer is engaged in a death case of his son. Every time he finds out something unexpected which leaves him in shock.


The ugly movie focuses on the story of a missing girl, and the story continues with some mind games, greed and blackmailing. AnuragKashyap comes up with this in front, and in the end, it shocks all the viewers. The writer has written the story so beautifully that no one can even imagine it to be that successful.


Nh10 is a movie focusing on a road trip where a couple faces a lot of incidents. In this incident, a Gangster is also included. In this movie, you will see Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam in the lead role, and it is a story of Revenge somewhere.


Ittefaq is a murder mystery, and the main cause is to find out the murderer. This movie aims at driving out the attention of viewers and has all the twist and turns to present the story beautifully. All the twists and turns in the movie are representing the actual stuff for making the experience more commendable.


Samay is the movie about a celebrated CID officer and assistant who have successfully found out the serial killer who always set up a countdown before the murder. In this movie, Sushmita Sen is there and regarded as the best performance of that time. This movie is full of suspense, and finding out someone is quite complicated, but Sushmita Sen did justice to the role.


Khiladi, the story revolves around four friends who have decided to play a prank related to money, and this are for complete fun. They have kidnapped one of their friends and ask for ransom. But what happened lately is something that will blow your mind.

Detective ByomkeshBakshi

Detective ByomkeshBakshi is the movie that will blow up your mind in starting 15 minutes, and you will feel like your stuff to it. It is a great suspense thriller movie which is portraying the role of a detective character. The storyline is entirely different as compared to others suspense movies you have watched earlier.


AbTakChappan, as the name suggests, lets you feel confused, but it is a movie full of suspense. You will see the veteran actor Nana Patekar you have done justice to the complete role. The plot of the movie is played so beautifully that users will not feel like skipping it in between.


Raatakelihai is the perfect match for a suspense movie Hindi. It features NawazuddinSiddiqui along with some other brilliant actors. The main plot of the story is focusing on a crime story, and the major question of concern is who the real suspect behind the murder is. This movie has done a complete just test and comes up with logical outcomes for fulfilling your expectations.

Table No. 21

Table no. 21 is one of those movies that focusing on suspense to the core, which no one has expected. This is a story somewhere that revolves around some games in which a lot of twists and turns will be there. There will be mysteries that need an answer, and for sure, you will love watching it.


Missing movie features ManojBajpai and Tabu. The plot of the movie is revolving around the missing girl, and in starting, people are considering someone else who is missing, but in the end, they find out the truth. This movie doesn’t require that much investment as well, and the storyline is class which lets users feel stuff to it.

A Wednesday

Wednesday also hit in the list of suspense movies Hindi, and the content is so outstanding. The director and producer bring out the story in a manner that doesn’t require any alterations at all. It is basically a revenge story which is revolving around the life of a common man. The man is frustrated with all the authorities he is having but still coping up with all the situations happening. This is a must-watch movie with all those who love suspenseful movies.


Mohra was one of the most famous movies belong to the late 90s. In this movie, actor Naseeruddin Shah have portrayed the role so beautifully that it hits the screen and people enjoyed it a lot. Along with Naseeruddin Shah, there is a pair of Sunil Shetty and Akshay Kumar in this movie, and they come up with the best content. People enjoyed it over the screen without even missing even a single shot. Some individuals have watched it thrice.


Gupt movie has a story of a man who is in the murder of his stepfather, but things are quite complicated this time. Finding out the right culprit is not easy at all. In this movie, you will see Kajol, ManishaKoirala and Bobby Deol along. This is one of the suspense movies in Hindi, which holds a different place around.

Here we have shared suspense movies available there, which a user must not miss for an exciting experience. We suggest you have a look at the least we have presented above and have an exciting experience. We will present a new list soon for you featuring all the suspenstial movies for sure.

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