Serial Entrepreneur Tumeko Allen and Her World of Entrepreneurial Enterprises

It is undoubtedly an achievement to put down more than a single career option in your social media bio. And to have a bio that states that one is an entrepreneur, a fitness model and a real estate agent as well as an upcoming singer/songwriter, is a nearly impossible feat that has been achieved by none other than the famous Serial Entrepreneur, Tumeko Allen. She is otherwise known as the account owner of ‘Bodybyshowtime’, she has served as an inspiration for success to several of her followers.

She has worked on diverse projects in the recent few years- ranging from being in the top five of Atlanta’s Celebrity Real Estate Agents to being a Natural Pro Bikini Athlete who has ranked no.1 in several of the categories that she has participated in. What’s more, she is even working on her skills as a singer/songwriter and will be releasing her very first EP in spring 2023.

She has been working as a real estate agent for celebrities for 15 years and has even worked with Ne-Yo. She has worked even longer as a fitness trainer, nearly 20 years.

Since she has an incredible incline towards physical fitness and body nourishment, she has launched her own line of sports clothing. It includes not just leggings, sports bras and workout clothes of various kinds such as swimwear, waistbelts and sweatbelts, but also jackets, trendy sneakers and other items that one can buy. Her clothing line has become the talk of the town in recent times and has often come under the spotlight too.

One can check out her website or visit her Instagram page . Her other accounts i.e. @butterflyrealtyco and @bodybyshowtime are also easily accessible to her fans, followers and everyone.