Meet Mukul Rock: Young Talented Musician Emerging for His Refreshing Songs & Music

It is famously said that a song can change the mind of a person. It can either make you happy or sad, and it becomes touching and melodious when it gets connected to one’s life. With generations and time, although the taste of music has changed a lot, no doubt, but still, there is no decade where music hasn’t spread its charm and melody. Taste of today’s youth can be best understood by a youth itself, right? Just like that, one such musical artist named Mukul Rock, who in this young age created his career and really his songs are loved and praised by many.

Mukul Rock was born on 1st December 1999, and he will be turning 23 years old in the year 2022. He was born to Mr Sanjay Bhardwaj and Mrs Meena Bhardwaj in New Delhi. His hometown is in Uttrakhand and his nationality is Indian. His zodiac sign is Leo and by religion he is a Hindu. He has a brother named Rahul Dhasmana, and a sister named Priya Bhardwaj.

As a personality praised by many, many would like to copy him, and of course try to be like him and create their own history. Here’s some physical attributes of Mukul Rock, for instance his height is 1.78 m while his weight is 55 kg.

Mukul Rock started his career in the year 2016 in the YouTube platform, with the launch of the song ‘Paisa’. There are many other songs as well like, Slowly Slowly, ‘Downtown,’ ‘Pehli Nazar,’ ‘Cold Water,’ and many more. The most astonishing thing is that his songs are available in YouTube, SoundCloud and many more digital platforms, which helps in making him more popular.