Who is Zain Ullah? The Rising British Actor Breaking the Floor With His Acting

Zain Ullah is a British Actor & War Documentary Director. He was born on 4th July 2001 in Manchester, United Kingdom. According to sources he is most notable for the film ‘Moor’ & will be working as a director for the documentary called ‘Life After War: Iraq’.

Zain Ullah hit National news headlines in the United Kingdom after he released a trailer for the war documentary which will be filmed in the Iraq war zone. According to an article published by over 9 news organisations including ‘Manchester Evening News’ & ‘Daily Advent Mail’ the trailer hit over 40,000 in a matter of minutes overnight.

Recently Zain Ullah (Actor) announced he will also be travelling to the country of Palestine, located in Western Asia to film an award winning documentary called ‘The Secret Of Palestine’.

Although no dates have been announced for the release, Zain Ullah & the camera crew funded by RealKnewz will be travelling to the state in late September to meet with the local people & officials of the Palestinian regime. The documentary has plans to be listed on Amazon Prime.

‘The Secret Of Palestine’ features interviews with members of the public, the residents & official members of the department.

In January 2022, Zain Ullah also secured the leading role of a film called ‘Maya’ which is soon to be released on Amazon Prime in the upcoming weeks. In this short film, Zain Ullah plays the lead character of Micheal. The film ‘Maya’ tells the story of how Micheal’s wife is murdered & he is on the hunt to find his wife’s killer through his recurring memories.

Recently Zain Ullah travelled to Pakistan in early 2022 to meet with the President Of Pakistan ICCI.

Zain Ullah is also related to the President and is a family relative.

This is today’s breaking news of ‘Zain Ullah Actor’, more news may be published if anything arises.