Meet Rani Rafees, the tech-savvy queen of the entertainment and music industry

Rani Rafees, a Sri Lankan by birth who was raised in the UAE is no stranger to Tik-Tok, having been a fixture on the platform for the longest time and even having witnessed its evolution and growth. Audiences and music aficionados alike are drawn to the multi-faceted Rafees due to her positive attitude and her highly motivational as well as empowering content on Tik-Tok, which has led to the tech-savvy queen amassing 700k followers on the platform. She also uses other social media like Instagram to showcase both her energetic, endearing and magnetic personality as well as her artistic capabilities as a passionate and professional musical artist.

Rafees first felt a strong inclination towards the entertainment industry as a young university student while pursuing a film school degree from Preston University in the USA where she studied acting, directing and screenwriting. The brown-eyed ‘beauty with brains’ is very tech oriented and thus wished to not only branch out and explore the booming digital medium but further use it to inspire fellow female entertainers and musicians while also leaving her own personal mark online while actively pursuing a career as a musical artiste. As a result, she eventually took the leap and decided to enter the digital space to showcase her remarkable talents. Her warm and approachable personality instantly made her a hit on the platform and she also expanded her brand further by establishing her own marketing company known as Al Fateh Marketing agency. She continues to reign on social media and recently was also conferred with two prestigious awards for her hard work and contributions in the digital sphere- The MeiTalk Top 100 award and SHE PERSONALITY award in 2022.

According to Rafees, social media is not only a boon for comedians, dancers, educators and fellow influencers and musicians such as herself, but it can also provide exposure for advertisers or content marketers and thus, her smart idea of starting Al Fateh Marketing Agency too has borne fruit and proved to be a success among her faithful online fanbase and also provided her with popularity even beyond the digital space.

She also expresses gratitude to not only her growing digital fanbase and to social media for her popularity as an influencer and musician, but also to her faith as she is a staunch follower of Islam and thus, credits her beliefs and culture in helping her carve out a name and achieve maximum success. In the future, she hopes to continue incorporating her musical ability, as well as her love and knowledge for various cultures into her content and to further continue motivating many youth and talented women to pursue an artistic career by making the best of the technology at their disposal.