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The career graph of Ella Balinska is impressive and that is what individuals her as an artist. Ella Balinska born on October 4th 1996 at London, England is an actress and athlete by occupation. She is also an Alma Mater at Guild School of Acting.  Since the show was announced ‘The Charlie’s Angles’ and it came on the platform this actress was discussion of the conversation everywhere. Her acting in this show was received much appreciation and admiration.

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About her upbringing

Her father is a Polish and English descent and her mother is also of the Jamaican Ancestry. Ella has even played the country level netball gave competition in Track and Field at the national level, having been the Javelin thrower for the Team London. Her whole childhood was spent along with her parents at London and the time was really a great lesson for her.

Career graph of Ella balinska

In the year 2017, Balinska played the lead role in The Athena (2019) as Nyela Malik. The catch of this role is her brilliant acting. Directors, producers, audiences and fans everyone drew their focus on her acting skills and that she started getting popularity with it. Ella at first was athlete and coming to this filed and performing such flawlessly was one of the things, which made people realise of her worth and talent.

Then in the next year 2018, it was month of july, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Balinska as one of the lead in their show. This show was none other than Charlie’s Angels and it was along with Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott. The show went air on the November 2019; the action comedy was a continuation of the 1976 television series of the same name.

Ella balinska career

About the show Charlie’s Angels

Ella has this rough and tough look but at the same time her face has quality of innocence. That is one of rare face and when she performed on screen it was quiet a brilliant combo of both her talent and beauty.

Ella was already a student of Guildford school of acting and she did her graduation from there in the month of July 2018. Maybe this is a rare fact know by her fans that she is one of trained student in the weapons. She has learnt twelve different weapons at the Academy of performance combat and she knows weapons such as Axel shiled, Broadword, Gladius, double sword, single sword, knife and long staff. Her full capacity in the show Charlie’s angle was a full catch which made people think of her worth and prominence in the entertainment industry.

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List of her works  

Although, Ella has always found saying, she does not believe in numbers she does believe in qualities as they bring you into the limelight and let you flaunt your full capabilities. But she did number of works and each one of them was different shed of Ella:

  • Run Sweetheart Run
  • Midsomer Murders
  • Casualty
  • 10 Men and Gwen
  • A modern Tale
  • The Athena
  • Thanatos
  • Room
  • Clover
  • Tiers of the Tropics
  • Junction
  • Hunted

About her characters she played

The characters are actually part of celebrities and it also shows how they think or how they choose? Ella is one of strong personality and that may be many of her works presented this part of her. But this is also true actors and actresses loves taking up risk and landing on experiment zone. It is kind of satisfaction they always wants to have.

Her Nylea Malik this character was always in the discussion because of many reasons maybe because it was her first launching. It was also the time when she also caught the attention of people around her. Then her character Jane, it was most loved out of all. This character is said to be her one of strongest performance in her career. This character was something which helped her coming out strongly as a brilliant actor.

At this show, she has learnt many things which she feels is going to help her in career and this character Jane is close to her heart. So it is like getting chance to live the character which people usually do not. Her characters such as Maya, Meghan, Calrice Spinozam, Orla and Susie Barbour each one of has something to give her and she feels glad she chose each one of them.

Ella balinska biography

What she has to say to her fans

By seeing her journey so far, she has few encouraging words to say her fans that ‘no matter what if you want to reach somewhere you can do that’ and there will be times when you will feel that how you will do it and how that would get possible but you really do not need to be worried. That is going to help you definitely ‘Your will power’ so always maintain it. Never ever be afraid of working hard and yeah like you everyone is afraid of their result what if they do not get success but you do not need to worry about that. The only thing you have to focus between that period and work relentlessly upon yourself. You believe or not, it is going to take you somewhere in the life and that is going to be your power one day.

What kept her motivated?

Many at times this becomes a tough job for nay artist to maintain that authenticity which they have given in their work. Sometimes motivation just flies away even before you realise. But in that darkest period you have your journey which can be your motivation. This was always her motivation and she is definitely looking forward towards her upcoming projects. As soon as this Covid19 ends she is going to start her shooting.

Winding up

Ella is active on several of social media you can go and check out her profile and follow your favourite actress. Also, you can download her pictures and every current activity about her by staying in touch with us or by following her there.

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