Deepak Yadav: Novelist & Philanthropist

Deepak Yadav is a Delhi-based novelist and entrepreneur who writes in various genres. His career path has been very diverse over the years as he works as a writer, lawyer and a philanthropist as well as an entrepreneur. He is very ambitious about his passions.

Deepak was born on 6 February 1995 in the city of Gurgaon in Haryana. He is 26 ears old now..He was born to father Satyabir Yadav and mother Krishna Yadav. He has two other siblings, a brother Mohit and a sister Hema. They form just your average loving hindu family.

Deepak loves watching Shah Rukh khan movies and is a sufi music fanatic. He also enjoys cooking, travelling, swimming among other things. His favourite meal to have is manchurian in hot garlic sauce.

Growing up, Deepak Yadav wanted to become a lawyer. He has graduated from Birla school in Pilani and holds a law degree from the Benaras Hindu University in Varanasi. His degree did not go to waste as he does quite a bit of work as a lawyer.

Apart from working in the legal system, he has always been a fan of the arts so to speak. He loves reading the works of J.K. Rowling and mentions her works as one of his favourites. His debut book is titled, “Walking with you. . . . In the Shades of Love”. It was published by Diamond books in 2013. The book is a novel about an inter-faith couple who have to go against the norms of Indian society in order to just be in love. Whether they win or the society wins, I will not mention here in fear, that I might spoil this beautiful tale for you. He wrote this book at the mere age of 17 but the book became a sleeper hit in India.

He founded BigFoot Publications in order to help fellow authors in India during his third year of college at BHU. The company has published 1000+ authors till date.

His newest book release was titled, “Daughters of the Brothel” which took him about 4 years to research on. The book was a #1 best-seller on Amazon. The book goes in detail about the lives of prostitutes and their families in the red-light district of G.B. Road in Delhi. The book has sold more than 12,000 copies worldwide as of now and has a left quite a mark on the literary world.

He also works in a non-profit organization called the Udaan Foundation. He believes in giving back to the society around him and that’s why he has been associated with many NGOs like Guria, Rotary Club and Lions club. He donates about 90% of his earnings from books to charity.