Best thrillers on netflix india you should watch in HD

Netflix has somewhat changed lives in a funny way for the fun. No age group could remain untouched with the world of Netflix which is today a greatest and largest platform for watching all the contents online by sitting at home. This big change has just become part of people and their lives and it is someway worth spending money and time if anyone is grave about both their time and money. The only thing, which is concern now binge-watch and its habit.  In the market today, Netflix has made its own place where it is a little bit challenging to challenge online streaming platform of Netflix. Here on the Netflix, it has all sorts of genre movie best thriller on Netflix India to best mythological content for our Indian audience. Let’s discuss on best thrillers on netflix india below.

best thrillers on netflix india in HD

Be it any category Netflix is slaying

In the matters of content and quality Netflix stands individual, this shows people appreciate this platform for many reasons. However, you would understand why people have special like for it. From thriller to comedy every topic is covered by Netflix where you convert to find out the numbers of da different contents to watch. They are best in quality, best in audio, available in variety, great in entertainment. Anyone who is looking up for an authentic way to invest in these online streaming apps then they must look at the platform of the Netflix.

From the best thrillers on Netflix India to the best all types of the genre is its definition only. Worth spending not just money but also time but of course anything excessive is dangerous. All the experiences in the movie can be explained with just one expression wow and why you did not watch them earlier.

List of best thrillers on netflix india

Actually, everyone has developed their liking for genres and the best thriller on Netflix India is something searched by Indians. Hold your couch, bake cookies, add ice to your cold coffee and just have your popcorn while watching thrillers on Netflix. Thrillers have kept to the list of the best genre for having characteristics of best elements among all other genres. But it is highly recommended that above 18 years old children should have access to such types of genre. It is too early to encounter violence, brutality at this age who are tender with their nature. Such genre is also sensitive for delicate people. Here is the list of most wanted and best thriller on Netflix in India.

Uncut gems

Sometimes the best part of any movie is that they seem to like it is happening around you. This movie uncut gems is one of them and the audience gets convinced that they are not just watching, they are witnessing every incident. It has everything from big risky bets to pun intended with dialogue and scenes. Adam Sandler is the protagonist in the movie. You should just watch it and all the experiences are in the movie is thrilling.


As the title of the movie is quite sweet and tender but the plot of the movie is opposite to it. We have heard about a shipwreck on the islands but how about a shipwreck on the deserted island? Is it exciting or thrilling? Well, to add more excitement the director adds more thrilling experiences by letting the audience know that the protagonist is not alone in the shipwreck. You should watch it and decide about it.

Double Jeopardy

However, where your mind could go? Violence, treacherous, suspense but this is even awful with its plot and it is a 90s thriller pick. This definitely should be the pick for its awesome detailed work. It has got starred with Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones. The plot is quite ritual where a woman best framed for murdering her husband but the portrayal of the whole story is thrilling. It leaves Goosebumps and leaves the audience with mouth open. But again it is jeopardy and you should watch how and how it goes.

List of must watch best thriller on Netflix India

This list would definitely let you think and ponder on your logical thinking. There are many thriller but these are some of the top best thrillers on Netflix India.  Audiences here gets to see the good work of directors and actors. There are of course lots of things inside it and anyone who on a thriller fan they would find it worth it. That is why, these thrillers have kept in the list to watch the best thriller on Netflix India.

The Da Vinci Code

The director has done a fabulous job in the Da Vinci code which is an adaptation of the novel The Day Vinci Code by Dan Brown, who is said to be king of thriller novels. The movie although had got released in 2906 but even anyone sees it today, they find it not just best but something they were missing. Dan brown has already huge popularity and the aura of his writing was adopted brilliantly by Rom Howard and he did justice to his work. The story revolves around the theme of religious thriller in which Tom Hanks’ professor of religious symbology is being framed for a murder. But this story has a huge and long mystery which professor remains successful in solving. But to know that how does that happen and what was that mystery you will have to experience this thriller.

Shutter Island

It also falls in this list of thrillers. For this movie, it is said that if you have not seen Shutter Island you have missed a thrilling experience into your life. You may have not visited to islands but this one is definitely a good pic if anyone is looking up to a twisty thriller. More than anything else it has definitely a good pick for the people. Well, they would find definitely a different thriller and also Leonardo DiCaprio in a different form. You should watch it first and decide later why you should have had watched Netflix long time ago. Netflix did a fantastic job by introducing such movies with such comfort and convenience.


Director has really made sure that the audience freak out. The portrayal of stories are quite different and it binds the audience with story after story. The movie has not walked on the same kind of traditional thrilling path but it has followed a thrilling detailed work. In the story, Chole the protagonist of the story is told about the outside brutal world. But as she turns older her curiosity towards the world gets deep-rooted. One day she decides on to find out about it but as it leaves shock Chole similarly it leave the audience shock as well as. To know what is all that you need to go and watch.

The best list of Indian thrillers

Best thriller on Netflix India is described with the names of these movies Talash and Kahaani etc. You should definitely watch to know Indian taste of best thriller and find out its own kind of individuality.


We all are aware with the acting of VidhyaBalan and in this film she has done justice with her character. The story revolves around a pregnant woman who is looking up to her husband. But on the way of finding out about her husband she had to face many challenges. Meanwhile, she discovers there is much more about her husband case than just death.


From the beginning to end the plot of Talash movie follows a huge suspense. And, this is the things which bind audience with movie. The director of the movie ReemaKagti did a fantastic job in the movie and audience gets to see a detailed worked. Such type of genre becomes little risky and quiet much hard work than other ones. This has brilliantly done all of the hard work it needed and wonderfully given all the attention to its detailed work. All the appreciation of this work is worth because such type of genre really needs extra attention.

Final words

The list of thriller movies are endless and you can watch them one by one. They all are fun and quite interesting with the entertainment it adds to our life. You can also watch bird box, No country for old Men, Andhadhun, 1922, Ava, Taxi Driver, Velvet Buzzsaw and many more. Find your fun and enjoy something worth spending your time with such an entertaining movie. Thrillers are indeed such sort of entertaining and seek attention with every flow and highs. If you have not watched it yet you can watch it now. And, find a difference of what you were missing till yet. We all should give it a try to different movies and watch these movies for the best experience. Go and subscribe to Netflix and watch them all.

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