Best Hindi movies on Netflix you should watch in 2021

Netflix is an Ultimate source of entertainment for all movie lovers because it reaches the extent which is up to the mark and extraordinary. The best part is this portal never compromise with quality as well. Right now, people are looking forward to the best hindi movies on netflix in 2021 to watch. If you also have the same question and have no idea about the Hindi movie, you can watch it on Netflix, not to worry because here we are sharing a list of movies that will feel you with a lot of enthusiasm and make your experience over the Netflix portal ultimate. Let’s have a look at all of those options we are sharing here.

best hindi movies on netflix 2021


Jadugar is a movie which is directed by Saxena and led by Kumar. It follows magic Meenu. This is about a small-time mission in Madhya Pradesh who wins the local football tournament and gets the chance to married the love of his life. Two things are there which are against him the girl doesn’t love him back, and the team he is representing have not won any game in the year. Arushi Sharma is also part of the cast. Jadugar is the production of Poshman PA pictures. There are some plots that will fill you with enthusiasm and let you feel addicted for a while.


Sir is a first-time featured director Roheena Gera movie who is the having roots belong to the 2018 Sir movie. It was released in cinemas in November 2020 and hit the Netflix screen in 2021. This is among the Best Hindi movies on Netflix, where you will find out TillotamaShome stars as Ratna, and she is a live-in housemaid to upper-middle Ashwin. Housemaids are quite common in India, and on this are film set, there will be a slow simmering, and socially unthinkable love will get developed between Ratna. There is a lot of twist and turns are there which definitely going to take your Breath Away while watching this ultimate movie.


In HaseenDilruba, you will find out Pannu in the lead role, and this is directed by Vinil Mathew. It is about the women who have her heart in the novel and find her entangled in the murder of her husband. She lost a lot in the mouth of a real-life novel and somewhere trying to finding her Innocence. You will see Vikrant Massey HarshvardhanRane and HansikaMotwani in best hindi movies on netflix. This movies production of Anand L Rai and Himanshu Sharma colour yellow production and T-Series. The concept of the movie is quite different from other movies that hit the screens till yet in 2021.

Bulbul Tarang

Bulbul Tarang features SonakshiSinha, and it is about a young girl who has a simple dream, and she always wants that to her groom Rishi Kumar must come upon a horse. She realizes her innocent harmless which might be boring to others. But she is among those Fearless girls who know how to fight for the right. This movie has been directed by Narayan Singh On The Script, written by ArshadSayeed. This movie will be going to be in the production of Anil Ambani Reliance entertainment.


Penthouse is the movie by Abbas MustanDeo and about five married friends who are sharing a penthouse which appears to be a perfect solution for all their intelligence was. In the Penthouse, they will find out the body of the unknown woman, and at that moment, their friendship and loyalty are got tested and questioned. Their marriages got crumble, and the truth reveals in a relentless way. This movie has a lot of us, and to assist with make it a must-watch. You will find out Bobby Deol, Sharman Joshi, Mouni Roy, ArjunRampal, Cyrus broacha, Tisca Chopra and AbrarZahoor as the main lead stars.


AjeebDastan, as a name suggest is produced by Johar and anthology of four strangely contrasting story. Here you will find out some unexplored places and structured relationships, and the story have set up mice. Along with the anthology, you will be able to explore entitlement jealousy, toxicity and other things. It is appearing to be one of the best movies over the screens this year.


Aranyak is a Netflix Indian series starring Tandon along with a foreign teenage tourist who disappears in the misty Himalayan town. A local co-op Kasturijoin hands with her and search for in the forest. In this series will find out CP is the showrunner and VinayVakul is the director. The writer of the movie is CharuduttAacharya. Ramesh Sippy film and Roy Kapoor films together producing this series. The concept of this series appears to be quite different. Well, as compared to some other suspension series be had in previous years.


Decoupled will surely be going to hit in the category of best hindi movies on netflix in 2021. Here you will find out AryaIyer, a man who is having a chronic objectivity and his capacity is debilitating with time. In any situation, he is not even able to focus with clarity. Sometimes the ability and capacity let him to get engaged in problems. Also, his marriage got over because of the problem, and her wife Chawla, continue living with him in a large Villa in Gurgaon and create a myth to have a daughter and terrified with divorce.

Here we have shared a list of some best hindi movies on netflix. Get ready to fill yourself with a lot of enthusiasm this year. Yes, because all these will be going to blow up your mind. Also, Netflix has a lot to offer in its bucket to use this time. So not to worry about anything, just be ready to explore through the content it offers. For sure, you will not regret your decision of getting the subscription.

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