Ankur Chandrakant and His Immense Giveaway to the Society

The Award-Winning Indian Cyber Security And Forensic Expert, Ankur Chandrakant is one of the finest we have in the field. He has extended his wings deep into the world of digital financials too by being an enthusiast for NFTs, crypto, blockchain, and the metaverse.

He started working for law enforcement agencies on a freelance that paid him on the basis of projects. This marked his initial stage in the field of cyber security and gave him good experience along with performing as a side hustle that brought him money. After completing his BTech in Computer Science stream, he was offered a job at MNCs like Google. Ankur had a strong mind that could foresee the futuristic requirements and anticipate the needful, this pushed him to believe that Cyber security was going to change the world of the Internet, so he devoted his 100% to his niche and expertise in Cyber Security, Forensic and Counter- Cyber Terrorism. This way he trained many people in these skills and believes that it will create a safer cyber habitat.

He did a Master of Science (MS) in Cyber Forensics and Counterterrorism from Florida State University and worked as a While he was working as a technical analyst at Microsoft and a cyber forensic investigator at Google on hefty packages, he realized his urge to work towards the betterment and uplifting of the society, so he quit his jobs and started his own educational platform training companies like Cyber Radix, VCLAP and an NGO called E- Protect Foundation in Dehradun.

Cyber Radix is India’s leading Cyber Training Provider Academy, however after Covid 19 pandemic outbreak, They expanded the company and turned it into a full-time virtual classroom for those who are actually willing to make a positive change in Cyber world. Over 78% of Cyber Radix’s attendees and students are from Europe and other neighbouring nations.

VCLAP is another educational-tech platform for Under privileged students who can’t afford other edtech platforms. VCLAP provides a better quality of educational content at a way less cost, ensuring the accomplishment of Ankur’s dream of making education available for all.

Striving towards perfection and expanding his goals, Ankur has set up a new edtech called the EduFlux360 which is a sub domain of VCLAP. EduFlux360 provides educational content to all the categories and tangents of Indian students. It has a rather wonderful and assertive mission, “#EachOneTeachTwo” and “#AbSuccessParSabkaHak”. As per this mission, EduFlux360 provides education to 2 under privilege students totally free of cost, when 1 subscription is purchased by any student across the planet. NGO Project Purkul and Pukaar Society are assisting EduFlux360 to make education accessible to the masses at a better quality and pace. They have got around 29000 students in just 4 days of their virtual launch and we are bound to see the numbers to only increase.

Ankur Chandrakant has also emerged as a humanitarian who runs his NGO eProtect Foundation which is India’s first and only foundation for Cybercrime prevention and women’s safety. To add to his achievements, Ankur Chandrakant has laid his foot in the entertainment niche by producing three web series on Hotstar and VOOT and has also produced various documentaries under new banners regarding safety in the world of the internet.

Ankur Chandrakant has done extremely genuine work by doing his best in making sure people are aware of the threats and creating various grounds for women’s safety as well as making his mark as a dedicated mentor.