Selena Gomez Personal Life, Career Growth & Net Worth

Most people dream of becoming a successful actress in cinema industry but this dream does not come true for everyone. Still, it continues as the dream only for many people because they are not putting the effort into their dreams. Few people only put the effort to achieve their dream. Not only hard work but also smart work is the best path for gaining the goal. Selena Gomez is a wonderful actress in America, she is not only an actress, but also she is best at singing and song writing. She is also known as the most famous figure in social media.

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Gomez’s Early Life in Music Industry

Selena Gomez is born in Grand Prairie, Texas on July month 22 in 1992. Her father name is Amanda dawn Cornett and her mother’s name is Ricardo Joel Gomez. The unknown fact is Selena’s family is the very youngest family. Her mother is married at a very young age like Ricardo is sixteen when Selena was born. She is gained multiple successes in the music industry. After many achievements, her fans are happily called Selena Quintanilla-Perez.

Selena’s beautiful life is not going too longs, her parents are don’t have a love for their relationship. Her parents are had lots of misunderstandings with each other. Then they are applying the divorce at that time Selena is just 5 years old. Selena’s parents have filed the case for who is carrying their child. In the case end, the court said that the child has stayed only with her mother. So, Selena is passing her childhood days with her mother only.

Struggling Life of Selena

Selena Gomez had the most of the love for her mother. She has stayed her childhood days only for her mother. But the unfortunate thing is Selena’s mother Ricardo is not had enough money for running the family. She is facing lots of troubles and money issues. Meanwhile, she never gives up studying due to their struggles. In 2010, she completed her diploma through homeschooling.

Career Growth

Selena had the dream of becoming a famous actress in the industry. But as a beginner, she does not have the clarity to achieve her dream. In the starting stage, she is acting the television roles on the famous show. This show was named as “Barney and Friends”, it is telecasted between 2002 and 2004. In that show, Selena Gomez is playing the role of “Gianna” on Barney.

The amazing thing is this show has crossed the 14 episodes. In 2003, she also had the offer for a cameo role in the spy kid 3-D film. Not only in the shows, but she also appeared in the TV movie Walker, trial by fire, and Texas Ranger. She is playing multiple roles like that but the turning point occurred in 2007 when she plays the recurring role in Hannah Montana.

selena gomez career life

In 2014, she suffered from her health issues and she was diagnosed with Lupus. Her kidney is affected by health issues. Then she goes for kidney transplant operations in September 2017. This transplant operation is successfully done with the help of her friend Francia Raisa who is the donated her kidney. Moreover, in April 2020, Selena was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Wonderful Actress in Industry

Talking about her adventures, she signed the Hollywood records at the age of 16. Selena also had amazing talents at her young age. Moreover, she has signed the three studio albums such as two EPs and the other one is a compilation album. Gomez is also the lead singer in multiple shows. Her huge breath out is gained with the help of the TV show which is named “Wizards of Waverly place”. This show contains lots of lovable fans in the industry, running over 102 episodes. She is playing the guest appearance in Suite Life of Cody & Zack on Disney.

In September 2017, Selena Gomez signed a $30 million endorsement deal for two years with the shoe company puma. Moreover, In December 2016, she signed a $10 million endorsement deal for the bag maker, coach. She also earns lots of money on social media for her posts.

Youngsters Dream Girl on Social Media

Selena is an active social media user and she uploads her posts in a daily manner. There are lots of likes and followers gained for her each of the posts. Selena’s Instagram post of Selena is worth having the $3.5 million for the brand paying. Selena’s fans eagerly want to know her personal relationship information. Well, there is no doubt about that, Selena Gomez has a handsome boyfriend named Nick Jonas.

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She has struggled with many controversies for her on-again-off-again relationship with Justin. He is a well-known pop star in America. Despite Selena is not had a joyful relationship with Justin and she is stated that it was very stressful with him. In her previous years, she was also dating two boys from December 2010 to November 2012. After the relationship, she broke up with these guys. She is not completely giving up on the relationship but she is continuing the same relationship with another person. This activity creates a bad impact on her career.

Unknown Facts of our Actress

Everyone knows she is a well-known actress, singer, and songwriter but the unknown fact is she is also a philanthropist. She is also a volunteer with a wide variety of causes. Furthermore, she is closely involved with UNICEF. She is using her star power in UNICEF to bring awareness to Ghana.

Social Awareness creation Activities

Selena is not only focusing on her profession at the same time she is well doing many social awareness activities. Disney is also presented to make the awareness for safe driving.

The unbelievable Net worth of our Actress

She has earned lots of homes through the years. In 2014, she was paid $3.69 million for acquiring the large house on 3, 15 acres. The unbelievable fact is she earns $500,000 to $800,000 for each sponsored post. Between her various, primarily coaches, puma, and Instagram Selena is making $10-15 million for a year.

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