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It is not so easy and simple to get into the path of success and reach the tower of fame in some time. Everyone does hard work and some of them do it with their smart work, while some take time to reach their success. Nowadays each one of us has some unique talents and ideas to be implemented to attract or impress people. One of the dream jobs or talents in many people around the world is acting. But some have ideas to exhibit it. One of them is Sriram, who is a youtube star and upcoming cine artist. You can get to know more about micset sriram biodata, his likes, favorites and other things through this article. The ideas and talents were impressive which attracted many people mainly youth ones.

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Reach to success path along with failures 

Micset sriram life didn’t get into the success at the very first step. His hard work was more crucial and each step was giving him failure and discouragement. But sriram never went down for the failures, but he faced them with a great smile. As a beginning he started a youtube channel called Micset, which got more response from the people. Also the acting of sriram was adorable and funny to impress the viewers. The channel was started in 2007 with the different name “Micset”. Also, the page had different content creation along with the upcoming events happening in the country. Let’s have a look at the micset sriram biodata and also his career details.

Education Atrocities of our Hero

Sriram was born on 16th  february, 1995 in pondicherry, India. As a kid, he was very naughty and had the chance to do the things which are needed for him to show up in the public. In the nature of crisp and cuteness, everyone admired him from his young age. You can surf over the internet to know more details about him and also read about the micset sriram biodata. He completed his schooling in Acharya Shiksha Mandir Matriculation school in pondicherry. After his schooling, his passion went along with the Engineering course done in Rajiv Gandhi college of engineering. Once the engineering course, his qualification continued with an MCA course in Acharya College and university in pondicherry.

Career path of our Single Hero

Everyone has some unique talents or ideas for their life point. But sriram’s turning point was youtube. The platform has created a name for his fame and hardwork. Initially the career started as a youtuber in 2007. After the start, the acting skills enhanced his name to all the people mainly attracted the youth ones. The series or the episodes of his videos gave him the tag of “Morattu Single” and it gained more attention seeking from the viewers. Now in the current time, sriram is the one and only youtube channel to have 5.2 million subscribers from Tamil nadu. Also the channel is maintained in the solo role of Sriram. The history and other details related to the sriram is given in the next heading.

Micset sriram biodata and facts

History about Micset channel of Sriram

The Micset channel was started on July 5th , 2017 with very less number of followers. But after the release of his videos along with his friends and other youtubers. Initially the video started collecting more attraction from the viewers and everyone started enjoying the episodes and expected for more. The total number of videos available in micset channel are 23+ uploads with different concepts. Subscription of the channel reached more than 5.28 million and holds the record for trendsetter. Always the video ranks the #1Trending whenever the video is being uploaded on the site. In the micset sriram biodata, the details have been mentioned by him to various pages and channels. Along with the youtube work, he has been admitted in movies as an upcoming actor with an initial of small roles.

Humourous Hero’s Favorites

As some of us  So let’s get into the passage to know more detail regarding his favorite things.

Actor: Thala Ajithkumar

Actress: Samantha

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Food: Prawn Gravy

Musician: Yuvan Sankar Raja

Destination: London

The micset sriram is not only an actor, but also an scriptwriter, editor, VFX and director of the videos uploaded in micset channel. Currently, sriram is entering into the movie with an lead role along with the blacksheep team Ayaz which is directed by an famous director.

Short crisp facts 

Here let’s have a look at the micset sriram biodata as a short crisp for the readers to get to know about him. The details are,

Name: Sriram

Father name: Thandapani

Mother name: Jayanthi

Status: Single

Height: 6’0 feet

Weight: 78 kg


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Marital Status: Unmarried

Affair: Sivaranjani (Co-Actor)

Job: Youtube, Tv shows, School and College functions.

Income: Rs.6,00,000-24,00,000 lakhs per month

Net worth: Rs.1 crore (As per in 2020)

Social media route to capture his updates

Here, you will know about the social media sites of sriram to know his current updates and watch his pictures. Mostly the sriram’s profile is captured by girls and many single boys. He is an active social media activist and never failed to reply to his followers for special messages and questions by them. The profile names are,

Facebook:  facebook.com/sriram.3511041

Instagram: instagram.com/Sriram_prince_

Twitter: twitter.com/Sriram_micset

Ending thoughts 

So you have read more details about micset sriram biodata along with his favorites and unknown facts. You can get inspiration and guidelines to learn more things to reach your path of success. As no one is attaining the success path without the hard work and effort. Everything can be changed when you are ready to face the struggles that are blocking your path. So to know more updates and other famous personalities’ biodata, check on our site. You can also know more facts and other things related to him easily by surfing over the internet pages


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