Meet Mr. UAE aka Faisal Khan a Prominent Influencer and Prosperous Businessman

Faisal Khan, who was born on 31 January 1978, also well known as Mr. UAE and a prosperous businessman. Faisal Khan was born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Later, he won the title of Mr. UAE 2020 Along with his ongoing business.

Dubai is where Faisal Khan was born and brought up at the age of 44 (as of 2022). At the age of 42, he was awarded as Mr. UAE 2020 in various social media platforms. His stunning physique and great personality helped him achieve success. He stands 5.83 feet tall and weighs about 90 kilograms. His hair is a mixture of black and hazel, and he has captivating hazel eyes.

Faisal Khan, who currently represents UAE from long time, possesses a wide range of talents, including music, fashion, modeling, and blogging. Few people in our world possess such a wide range of skills. Faisal Khan is another male model who is more than just a marketing prop (Mr. UAE 2020). Faisal Khan started his modeling career in his early 20s. He had positions with numerous reputable businesses.

In addition, he represents Shams Al Had Entertainment and PR as a brand ambassador. This is a well-known TV production company that also organizes social events and weddings. He holds the position of a company’s director and creative director which showcase him as an entrepreneur. He has also made collaboration with DIAFA Awards 2022 successfully. The EMIGALA Fashion Awards 2023 is the most awaiting project for MR. UAE and his creative team.

Being a generation of 90s, he made a successful and amazing career in the field of modeling and become Mr. U.A.E. He is a perfect example for many of the youngsters of 21st century who still find it difficult to find out what they actually want to pursue? His career and life gives ample number of inspirations to work on.