Meet Blank666: Who is Captivating People With His Music

Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought. Some so many singers inspire youth with their music. Matthew Goodwin (popularly known as Blank666) is one of those young rising superstars who needs no introduction.

Matthew Goodwin was born on 25th April 1998 in South Africa. He was raised in the UK till he was 16 and then he moved to Australia. He made his name on the list of world-famous singers at a very young age. He started his music career when he was 18.

He is Music Artist, Recording Engineer & Audio engineer, well known for his rap, melodic vocal, and heartfelt songs alongside his double time rap. His main aim while creating a new song is to leave the listener with a feeling captivated and emotionally connected to the song.

He is so adventurous and fun-loving. Apart from singing, he loves to make music and record other artists. He also loves to skateboard.

The physical appearance of the superstar is the thing that youngsters admire the most. Matthew Goodwin also has a very attractive and crowd-puller personality. He is 1.8m long and 70kgs weight. His beautiful brown eyes along with brown hairs pull the audience just like a magnet pulls all the nails.

Being a superstar, he is so simple in nature. His simplicity is one of the reasons behind his huge fan following. He is so popular on social media platforms. He has around 35k followers on Instagram and hundreds of followers on music applications.

He is one of the highest-paid singers of his age, all around the globe. According to so many articles and magazines his net worth is $250000.