Letsdig Chris Guins Net Worth

Who Is Chris Guins?

Let’s Dig 18 is Chris Guins’s stage name on YouTube. He is a famous American businessman, entrepreneur, social media influencer, merchandiser, archaeologist, vlogger, narrator, and internet star.

A lot of people know him from the videos on his YouTube channel. Guins is best known for his videos about digging. He has also made videos about the Bealy Good farm, the 10-acre pond project, building a new 1 ⁄ 2-acre pond, as well as the high-risk dam breaching project.

Chris Guins was born and raised in the USA. He grew up in a family of businesspeople, and he is the third generation to work in the family drilling business. He joined YouTube on September 1, 2007, which is exactly two years after the site was created. Because of this, he has become one of the oldest artists out there.

Chris posted his initial clip to YouTube on September 6, 2007, through the channel he had just made. The video titled “Excavator Loading Truck” has received just over 36,000 views and 671 likes in over fifteen years.

However, as of January 27, 2024, he posted his most renowned YouTube video titled “Long Reach Excavator Dredging Canal” on August 11, 2011. As of January 27, 2024, it had 27,235,419 million views as well as 53k likes, making it his most renowned video of all time and his first video that went viral.

The Personal Life Of Chris Guins:

He was born in a small town in the middle of the United States. He was the middle child of three. Both of his parents were very interested in what he liked, and they told him to follow his dreams.

Chris loved to explore and was always looking for new ways to go deeper and find new things. Even as a young child, Chris had a deep interest in what could be unearthed through digging. This interest turned into a job in excavation in the end.

Chris’s parents liked the things he liked and told him to follow his dreams. A lot of the time, they went on family trips that included digging and exploring activities. Chris learned the fundamentals of digging and got better at it on these trips.

A deep appreciation for history as well as the natural world also grew in him. Chris chose to follow his ambition of becoming an excavator when he got older. He went to college and got a degree in archeology.

Chris Guins has become a well-known and successful excavation expert. His work on some of the world’s most significant archaeological sites shows that he is still interested in finding out more about the earth.

He is at the top of his field because he loves to explore and find new things. This has given him many chances to make a difference in the world. People around him look up to him for how hard he works at his job and with his family.

He shows them that if they follow their dreams and put in the effort, anything is possible. Chris’s channel became very popular very quickly, and he was known for making interesting videos and sharing useful information about the excavation business.

Chris’s following on YouTube has grown over the years, and he is now a well-known and respected figure within the digging community. His life and work have been marked by hard work, loyalty, and a strong love for his family, as well as the excavation business.

What Is The Education Status Of Chris?

Chris Guins got good grades at his graduation from a well-known university. His school life was always important to him, and he always tried to go to activities outside of school. This helped him learn more about what he was really interested in. He began his own digging business after he finished school.

A lot of work and research have gone into his field, and he has been able to reach his goals. In the company that does excavation work, he has made a name for himself. The number of people who know about and like his business has additionally been growing steadily.

He keeps putting in a lot of effort to make sure his business does well and that he can give his clients great service. A lot of people look up to him and see how dedication and diligence may assist anyone in reaching their goals.

Taking Part In The Family Business Of Digging:

Chris Guins is an important part of the family excavation business, which he now runs as a third-generation owner. He is in charge of the everyday affairs of the business, keeping track of project deadlines, and making sure that every excavation project gets good work.

He carried on the family tradition by becoming the leader, staying true to the values of the business, and using his skills and knowledge to help it grow and be successful. Chris has used YouTube to show off the family’s excavation company and its projects, which has helped them reach more people and find new customers.

Through his channel, he has shown what the company can do in an interesting way, given information about different parts of the business, and highlighted finished projects. His good management of the company has made it more profitable and kept it growing. Chris has put in place effective operational strategies, strong client relationships, and good team management, all of which have helped the family excavating business stay successful.

Getting The Let’s Dig 18 Youtube Channel Open:

Chris Guins began his YouTube channel, Let’s Dig 18, on September 1, 2007, because he loved working with heavy machinery. Videos of excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery at work were something he shared because he loved driving them. Because he shared unique videos, his channel became very popular very quickly within the industrial machinery niche.

Chris’s videos show the big machines working, digging, moving dirt, and doing other building-related tasks. His interesting and useful commentary throughout the videos has been a big part of the channel’s success. Let’s Dig 18 has grown a lot over the years, and now it has a huge, loyal fan base of heavy equipment fans.

Chris’s regular uploads and dedication to high-quality content have made his channel one of the best places on YouTube to find videos about heavy equipment. Let’s Dig 18’s success is due to Chris’s genuine love for heavy equipment, his helpful videos, and his interesting personality. These factors have all made his channel a renowned and lucrative platform within the heavy equipment niche.

Well-Known Videos And How They’ve Affected Chris Guins’ Fame:

“Long Reach Excavator Dredging Canal,” “The Worst Excavator Recovery of My Career,” and “Charlie’s New 325D Excavator” are some of the most watched videos on Chris Guins’s Letsdig18 YouTube channel. These videos have helped him become more popular by showing how good he is at operating heavy machinery while offering his viewers interesting and useful information.

His following as well as his social media presence have grown thanks to these popular videos, which have drawn in more people interested in construction and heavy equipment. Their many views, likes, and shares have made his channel more visible, which has led to new followers and subscribers on many social media sites.

The captivating and visually appealing material has additionally assisted Chris Guins in becoming known as an expert and important person within the heavy machinery industry, which has increased his online visibility and impact even more. Overall, these viral clips have been very important in making Letsdig18 as well as Chris Guins more well-known, solidifying his position as a leading content creator in his field.

Variety Of Income Sources Through Social Media Platforms:

The well-known American YouTuber Chris makes most of his money as an archaeologist, which brings in about $65502 a year. Letsdig18’s huge net worth comes from many sources of income, such as working as a merchandiser.

With this information, we can say that Chris Guins makes $45,791 a year as a merchandiser. In his business life, Chris Guins, aka Letsdig18, makes more than $150,000 a year. Chris Guins is a famous businessman who runs a family excavation company and makes $72,273 a year.

The person who made the video earns $2 to $12 for every 1000 monetized views, after YouTube takes its cut. To put it another way, Letsdig18 makes about $20,000 a month to be a YouTube star. Letsdig18 makes a good amount of money from YouTube as a competitive eater.

Companies with a lot of money can use Google Preferred to target ads within the top 5% of the most popular content. YouTubers make extra money from people who pay a monthly fee to watch premium content on YouTube Plus and watch videos without ads.

Chris Guins was a heavy equipment operator from North Carolina and a well-paid YouTuber. He promotes his own products, takes sponsorships, and makes money through affiliate commissions. He makes about $4,000 a month from ads and sponsorships for brands.

The Letsdig18 merchandise line helps the YouTube star earn a lot of money. The YouTuber makes about $5,000 a month by selling shirts on letsdig18.com. About 75,000 people follow Letsdig18 on Instagram, and each post earns them between $500 and $5,000.

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Achievements In The Workplace:

Chris Guins has done a lot of great work as a professional. As the owner of the successful excavation company Letsdig18, he has made a name for himself as a leader in the field. Guins has also made a popular YouTube channel where he reveals his deep knowledge and years of experience with digging, which has gained him a large and loyal fan base.

Guins’s unwavering passion, hard work, and dedication have helped him become successful as a businessman and YouTuber. The high standard of his job as well as the content he creates show how much he loves researching and sharing what he knows. He works very hard for many hours every day to make sure that his company and his YouTube channel do well. He is always looking for ways to improve and come up with new ideas.

Chris Guins has shown through his Letsdig18 company and YouTube channel that he is committed to excellence and wants to share his knowledge with others within the industry. His success is proof of how much he loves what he does and how hard he works at it.

Chris Guins’s Net Worth:

Chris Guins owns and runs the Letsdig18 excavating business. He is a famous businessman, YouTuber, and owner. His great love for his job led him to start the @letsdig18 YouTube channel.

Chris Guins has built up a significant wealth of about $4 million through his business activities and other things. Chris Guins is a businessman and excavator that people in the field want to hire. People know that his Letsdig18 business does good work and can be counted on.

Along with his excavation business, Chris Guins has built up a large following on his @letsdig18 YouTube channel. He posts videos of his work all the time, which show people what a professional excavator does all day.

Chris Guins is a very successful businessman as well as a YouTube star all around. He has worked hard and been successful, as shown by his net worth of about $4 million. He has been very successful in both his company and his private life, thanks to how hard he works and how much he loves what he does.

Net Worth $4 Million
Yearly Income $200k
Monthly Income $17k
Daily Income $560


Investment’s By Chris Guins:

Letsdig18 had to spend about $3,000 to get his clothing business off the ground. Besides that, he puts in extra money, anywhere from $300 to $1,000, to keep the business going. He had to put a lot of money into his digging business in order to run it. A new backhoe costs between $50,000 and $100,000 as part of the start-up costs.

He also had to buy excavators, which cost between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on their size and capacity. Anyway, he spent between $62 and $36,432 to improve the business tanks and tools. He pays his employees about $100,000 a year.