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Jake Goldsbie has made his place into this world, where his name is known for many. He is one of those stars who are made his name popular in the world of cinema and he is already doing great. The world of cinema has numbers of name but making a name recognized is one of those beautiful thing those who knows about it understands it.

Jake Goldsbie personal life

About his personal information

Jake is one of famous name in the list of Canadian actor and who has played role like Toby Isaacs in Degrassi: The Next Generation, but in reality he had given auditions for the role of J.T. Yorke. He is even got graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, where he studied theatre. He has worked at ‘The score’, where he even writes and podcasts about the professional sports.

Date of birth – 8th august 1988

Birth Place – Toronto, Canada

Birth Name – Jacob Benjamin

Nickname – Jake

Zodiac Sign – Leo

Occupation – Actor

Religion – Judaism

Nationality – Canadian

Race/ ethnicity – White (Jewish)

Eye Colour – Brown

Hair colour – Brown

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Information about his education

  • He attended his education from Canada itself.
  • He even studied theatre at Concordia University.
  • He even portrayed Toby Isaacs in Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  • He even works at The score, where Jake writes and podcasts
  • He was born on august 8, 1988 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Number of Films he did

  • Twitches (2005)
  • I Do, They Do not (2005)
  • Child star (2004)
  • Prince Charming (TV Film) (2001)
  • The Red Sneakers (2002)
  • Being Erica (2010)
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001- 2009)
  • Main cast (Season’s 1 to 5, 2001- 2006)
  • Supporting cast (Season’s 6-7, 2006- 2008)
  • When Andrew Came Home (2000)
  • Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall (2000)
  • Guest Appearance (Season 8, 2009)
  • Laughter on the 23rd Floor (2001)
  • Pecola (2001)
  • Jacob Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1998)
  • Black and Blue (1999)
  • Critical choices (1996)

About his professional sports

Jake has also made his place for himself for many respond. Just because he is a Canadian actor it does not mean that he has made a place for one more reason. He has started podcasting the entire professional sports person and he tried to cover all types of stories and sports person. Jake has covered the entire professional sports person and their inspiring stories. He tried to make people understand that how life becomes beautiful and it becomes beautiful for those who are genuinely into making it beautiful.

Life can be a great way and people cannot ignore this fact and people must understand this.  This is obviously a good step for those who are really into a different understanding of failure and achievements. Life is all about situations and overcoming them, those who have learnt ‘a good life is waiting ahead’. People have always seen good stories, basically successful ones but they never get to see stories, where people have learnt to learn about the reality. And reality is that people must be understanding that life is about failures first and then achievements. If you do not accept it, you skip the reality and live into this fantasy world. So it is very easy to understand and accept and learn about it.

About his understanding of situations and characters

This is the question which usually actors are not asked, but this is one of surely important question, which people must understand.  After completing his theatres at University in Montreal, he already had learnt about characters and portrayal of characters. Because theatre is of course not easiest way and thing to understand and those who have learnt about it they learn to work on their lives. He says, he has met so many people and it gave him a wider range of understanding people. Also, he has worked as an actor it also helped him to understand about his own life and about the people around us. Jake said in own of interview that, we often miss the chance to understand what we have and how must understand these things to make our life easy.  These characters and interviewing people via podcasts help people a lot and people reaches to a different place.

How the world of film is different from the world of podcasts?

Well both work so differently and people must understand what is important for them and what is not. Because the film industry teaches about both illusion and real world and it also teaches you how to fantasy world. But then this podcast gave chances to meet real people and real world and how people can face so many things into life. But there is one thing which is common between both and this is introducing as many characters as possible.

So this is the difference and it gives more closely about life that no one in this world achieves success without working hard. But while comparing same thing with movie it gives good understanding about the characters but sometimes what they show is not the reality. But both the experiences were so different and yet so precious and it helped me a lot in winning and understanding about people.

Jake Goldsbie family

What is your motivation?

He states, motivation people say cannot come from outside but more from inside. There can be outer scenarios which could inspire you but the fire will kindle from inside. Life is about finding your motivation and when you find out and start working on that. Your life changes for the better higher self and it could help you reach anywhere you want.

Winding up

You can surely follow Jake on his social media handles and you can collect all the related news about him and follow him. Or you can stay here and collect all the news about her or related to her. You can also download all the pictures, videos and his podcasts also from our websites and watch then and enjoy a good time by having a cup of coffee. Life is about learning and he is really inspiring.

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