How to Be a Social Media Star, Tips & Tricks From by Fahad Asad

Being a social media influencer is a dream job for many! In the modern world the growth of bloggers and digital creators has been proven out to bring a huge change in the concept of a relevant 9-5 job. Fahad Asad, an entrepreneur famous for his digital media creation is ruling the hearts of many. Coming from the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan his career is an inspiration to the budding entrepreneurs.

Asad is a Model, Actor, Director and a successful businessman. He shares several tips and tricks to become a popular influencer. The first advice that Asad shares is to choose a beautiful profile picture. Your profile photo is what Instagram members see before clicking on your story, therefore make sure you have an eye- appealing profile picture.

The bio of your profile should tell the people about what you do. As per Asad, every budding influencer should tell their new visitors who you are, what you do, and what you like to share. They can also enhance it by adding colour and save space with evocative emoji.

Asad got famous by creating videos on TikTok. He strongly emphasizes on the fact that the artists must understand which kind of audience to target. He advices that content made for every age group is different and therefore should be paid much attention to. His followers are mainly the people who may relate to his experiences with acting, blogging, and entrepreneurship.

Engagement with the audience is one of the areas Fahad insists the creator’s to concentrate on. Regularly engaging with people in your niche by liking and commenting on their photos is a good practice to keep yourself relevant.

Therefore, dedicate some time every day to engage with other Instagram users.

Fahad’s advice on how to be a relevant and great Social Media Star is something to stress on.

Hope you liked reading tips and tricks on how to be a better influencer.

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