Bobby Tripp: A Rapper from Nepal

Music, songs, lyrics, and fashion are all inextricably linked, they do not follow any national or international boundaries. The popularity of classic melodies never fades, but youngsters require new musical tastes. That is precisely why fresh talents are emerging with their new originality and receiving widespread acclaim. One such young voice is Arman Siddiqui, popularly known as Bobby Tripp. He is also called Lil Pain and was born in Nepal on 13th September 1996.

Bobby Tripp has an unique taste in music that has established him a new generation’s superstar, and he has a huge spectrum of fans across different platforms — across the country and around the world. He rose to prominence as a result of his extraordinary aptitude and abilities. Bobby Tripp’s music is based on new waves of music.

Tripp who is both a rapper and mixing engineer is a very optimistic person. He believes in transforming his goals into reality by employing focus oriented actions. This bright, energetic and lively man with a warm personality is famous among teenagers.

This boy from Nepalgunj, always wants to create something new and this attitude forms the building block of his success today. The fire and urge in him to always create innovative songs has also made him popular on social networking sites. Bobby Tripp uses Instagram to showcase his talents and daily life. His unique way of dressing up, attitude and funky appearance pulls the youngsters towards him.

His numerous singles include Time, COCA, Rely on, Rush, Gucci, Baddie, and many more. Bobby Tripp has been seen in a wide range of video clips. Bobby Tripp wants to be the next famous celebrity in the musical world. He sharpened his music by giving time to music approx 14 hours a day and by performing with other musicians and working with producers all throughout Nepal and worldwide.