Ashley Dejong Net Worth 2024

Who Is Ashley Dejong?

Because she is so versatile, Ashley Dejong has made an indelible mark on both healthcare and social media. She is known as @ladyandredstyle, and her insightful lifestyle and fashion posts keep people interested. Ashley also does a great job as a registered nurse at Lady as well as Red. She specializes in Botox and fillers, which shows how knowledgeable she is about medical aesthetics.

Her journey shows how dedicated and hardworking she is, balancing her roles as a healthcare professional and an influencer. Ashley has built real connections with her audience by being honest and sincere, which has earned her their confidence and support.

In addition to her online presence, Ashley’s financial success shows how dedicated she is. Ashley’s path began with training in acting and modeling. Later, she found her true calling within healthcare. She wears many hats, such as fashion blogging through, which shows how adaptable and determined she is.

Ashley’s commitment to education and development is clear from the high grades she has earned, which show how hard she works to be the best. Ashley loves her close-knit family and says that her supportive husband is the reason she has been successful at work.

Attribute Detail
Real Name Ashley Dejong
Nick Name Ashley Dejong
Profession Influencer/Blogger, Nurse
Age 33 Years
Height 5’7”
Weight 61 kg
Relationship Info Not available
Children Info Not available
Parents Info Not available

Ashley Dejong’s Early Life:

Ashley Dejong’s childhood was filled with love, warmth, and a close-knit family. As a child, Ashley treasured the time she spent with her family and friends, making lasting bonds as well as wonderful memories.

Ashley demonstrated great discipline as well as a strong desire to succeed from a very young age. These traits would influence her future efforts. Ashley grew up in a loving home where family time was valued.

They loved going on trips together, spending time with one another together, and strengthening their family bonds stronger. Ashley first became interested in becoming an influencer as well as a blogger during these formative years.

This set the stage for her amazing journey ahead. Even though she was young, Ashley was deeply dedicated to doing her best in everything she did, whether it was school or personal activities.

Her early life experiences set the stage for her multifaceted career, in which she combines her love of healthcare with her popularity on social media. Because of how Ashley was raised, she has a deep understanding of how important family, friends, and following your dreams are.

Ashley still lives by the values she learned as a child. She is now a successful influencer, nurse, and devoted wife, and she is a great example of how to be determined and succeed.

Ashley Dejong’s Net Worth:

With a net worth of $10 million, Ashley Dejong is a very successful person who is good at both healthcare and social media. Her ability to make a lot of money as both an influencer and blogger as well as a registered nurse specializing in Botox and Fillers shows how hard she works and how good she is at what she does.

Ashley’s journey shows how dedicated she is to both her clients and the people who follow her online, making real connections in both areas. Ashley clearly knows how to handle her money, as she makes $500,000 a year, $42,000 a month, and up to $1,400 a day. She has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to her craft, as shown by her capacity to balance professional duties with building a successful online presence.

Ashley is the face of the @ladyandredstyle brand, and her fashion and lifestyle tips have gained a lot of followers through her fashion and lifestyle tips. This has made her a social media influencer. At the same time, her job as a registered nurse at Lady as well as Red shows how skilled she is and how dedicated she is to providing excellent care and treatments.

As an example of how to become wealthy through passion, dedication, and a real connection with your audience, Ashley Dejong’s amazing journey is a great example. Her net worth shows how much she has accomplished and how well she has been able to handle different career paths with grace as well as determination.

Net Worth $10 Million
Yearly Income $500,000
Monthly Income $42,000
Daily Income $1,400

Ashley Dejong’s Professional Life:

In her professional life, Ashley Dejong has shown how flexible and dedicated she is in many areas. She started out as an actor model at The Peak Agency, Inc., where she learned how to do both performance and fashion.

She works to be a registered nurse, specializing in Botox as well as fillers under Lady as well as Red, but her real calling is in health care. At the same time, Ashley has made a name for herself as a blogger and social media influencer with the handle @ladyandredstyle.

On her platform, she connects with her audience on a real level by sharing her thoughts on fashion and lifestyle on her platform. Her dedication to being real has earned her followers’ trust and loyalty.

Ashley is a nurse and an influencer, but she also has a popular fashion blog called, where she gives style tips as well as ideas. Her journey is a great example of never giving up and combining her passions in a way that works perfectly.

Ashley’s education, which includes a master’s degree and an associate’s degree in registered nursing, shows how dedicated she is to doing her best. The support of her family and the closeness of her marriage have been key to her success at work.

Ashley Dejong’s Education Qualification:

Ashley Dejong’s educational path shows how dedicated she is to excellence and learning throughout her life. Ashley showed a lot of dedication to her studies right from the start, earning an Associate’s degree in Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse from the prestigious Mercy College of Health Sciences.

She didn’t stop learning; she went on to get a master’s degree from a well-known university, adding to her reputation as a very smart and accomplished student. Throughout her education, Ashley always got great grades, which set a high standard for herself and motivated her peers with her unwavering dedication to learning.

Ashley was involved in extracurricular activities outside of school, which showed how well-rounded she was and how much she wanted to grow as a person. Ashley’s mentors and instructors quickly saw how special she was and praised her hard work and discipline. Not only did Ashley’s education teach her useful things, it also sparked her love of art and writing, which led to the start of her multifaceted career.

Ashley has made a name for herself in both healthcare and social media, thanks to her strong academic background and unwavering determination. She has seamlessly combined her academic successes with her professional goals.

Ashley Dejong’s Family and Childhood:

Ashley Dejong’s family as well as her childhood were full of love, warmth, and being with each other. Ashley grew up in a loving, close-knit family and treasured the time she spent with her family and friends. These important years set the stage for her amazing journey.

Sharing meaningful experiences with friends and family helped create fond memories, which shows how important family bonds are. Ashley’s childhood was marked by a strong sense of discipline that she learned early on and that would help her later as she followed her dreams.

Ashley’s strong drive and determination were clear from a very young age, as she showed a strong desire to become an influencer and blogger. During family vacations, they often went on trips that they would never forget, which strengthened their bonds even more.

The Dejong family’s closeness and unity demonstrated how important family, friendship, and following your dreams are, and they consistently supported Ashley in all of her activities. This supportive environment encouraged her to combine her interests in social media and health care, which led to her multifaceted career.

Ashley’s family was always there for her to give her support and motivation, which made her even more determined to succeed in both her private and professional lives. Their constant help made it possible for Ashley to grow into the amazing person she is now.

Ashley Dejong’s Relationship Status:

She feels very lucky to have found such a loving partner in Ashley Dejong, who has been married to a wonderful and supportive husband. Their love, trust, and respect for each other are the building blocks of their relationship. They are there for each other, no matter what life throws at them.

Ashley says that a big part of her successful career is due to her husband’s constant support and encouragement. He was her rock, providing her with advice and inspiration when things got tough.

Going through the positive and negative aspects of life together makes them a strong team. Ashley is sure that their strong relationship is a big part of her success in life and work, and she loves every moment they spend together.

Final Verdict:

The story of Ashley Dejong shows how powerful passion, dedication, and exhausting work can be. She has defied the odds and made her way to success, going from being poor to becoming a well-known figure within healthcare as well as on social media. Ashley continues to inspire people to follow their dreams and achieve their goals by always striving for excellence and making a genuine connection with her audience.