Amy Maizner early life, career, achievements, facts 

This famous name in the Astrophysics belongs to the list of sapiosexual and great contributors. She is born on the lands of Mansfield, Ohio in America. Amy mainzer has been alma mater of Stanford University California Institute of Technology University of California, Los Angeles on January 2nd, 1974. Amy got this recognition because of her astrophysical instrumentation and infrared astronomy.

What she is doing currently is dream of many and people think about it like she is Deputy Project scientist for the Wide- field Infrared survey Explorer and the Principal Investigator for the NEOWISE project to study minor planets and the Proposed near Earth Object Camera space telescope mission.

Amy mainzer career

Amy mainzer Early life

Well, since childhood Amy remained a very responsible child than intelligent and by her hard work she achieved what she had to. Amy mainzer says there is nothing like intelligence; it is all about how you become responsible for the things you love. On the other hand how much time you think you could dedicate because no one has time but if you truly want to dedicate yourself then it surely means you can also achieve what you want.

Many people just think about the things what they want and they never achieve. So, those who know what they want and take proper action towards those things. Surely achieve and make things possible for themselves. Amy has interest in the cosmos of the world and she always was a curious kiddo who wanted to know so many things into life. Whenever anything popped up into her mind she researched and this habit of her today made her a researcher.

Important things you need to know about Amy

She is keen into asteroids, debris disks, brown dwarfs, planetary atmospheres and star formation and the design construction of the new ground and space- based instrumentation. Amy mainzer has remained part of many projects and gave her appearance in several of the episodes of the History Channel series ‘the universe’.Many works are on her name as she also gave her appearance in the famous documentary featurette ‘stellar cartography’: on earth’ included on the Star Trek generations.

This was a home video release (March 2010) Mainzer which is also in the 2016 documentary on the life of Leonard Nimoy and the effect of the Spock on famous culture called ‘For the love of Spock’. It had been created by Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam Nimoy. In the year 2016, she had embarked on serving as the science consultant and the host for the live- action interstitials on the PBS kids’ series ready Jet Go!

Amy mainzer bio

Amy mainzer Achievements

Achievements are not that you only earn awards but it is a whole sweat, hard work, days and night a person give to their whole life. It also teaches them many things about themselves. Amy has been one of those people who believed in hard work rather than intelligence.  Even after being part of intelligence world.

She believed of anyone truly wants to achieve greatness into their lives they will surely do it in their divine time.  So is so proud on her achievements and this is the list of her awards and lifetime hard work –

  • NASA Exceptional scientific Achievement Medal (2012)
  • Various group achievement awards for the spitzer, WISE, NEOWISE
  • NASA Exceptional achievement Medal (2011)
  • NASA Graduate student Research Program Fellowship
  • National science Foundation graduate Research Fellowship (1996- 1999)
  • NASA Graduate student Research Program fellowship (2001- 2003)
  • NASA exceptional Achievement Medal (2011)
  • Lew Allen Award for Excellence (2010)

Things that remained part of her life

Asteroid – Asteroid 234750 Amy mainzer was discovered by the astronomers of the NEAT program. The event took place at Palomar Observatory in the year 2002. It was name after her and she was appreciate for this act and then official name was also kept. It got published by the Minor Planet Centre on July 26th 2010.

This asteroid has played a great role into her life and she has worked for it day and night and even remained successful.

Some unknown facts about Amy

Well, she is an open book but also remained very low key even after being so talented but. She is kind of personality today people admire the most and she has some unknown facts which people must know about her.

  • She got the credit for the plot in The Planet from Bortron 7 in later airings.
  • In the season 2 her segments got to film using a green screen.
  • She even stated an interview that her favourite character is Mindy her one of favourite episode was ‘one that focused on the black holes’.
  • Also this ‘Amymainzer’ was name after her.
  • Mainzer is even playing a flugelhorn in the interstitial which even plays after Potatoes on Mars Bortron Leprechaun.
  • She gave her presence in the ‘Roles Models’ segment that even airs during PBS kids breaks.

Amy mainzer facts

What motivated her?

Life is one of beautiful thing god has given to us and if we do not focus on the things that matters to us. This could eventually help us grow by focusing on things what matters for us.  But we all need to learn this is at the end matters for us and should also matter.

In my childhood, I have learnt this that life has so many things and if you start seeing beauty you have started walking on the right path. In an interview, she has said, there was lots of things I always want to do into my life. It motivated me a lot and this was the thing which kept me going on.

Winding up

Amy has lots of achievement but she always remained down to earth and chose kindness to show her talent. This achievement she has received because of her sheer hard work and with determination.  Amy says, life is a challenge we must be ready to take the challenge. Moreover, you need to take care of your responsibility because it really plays a big role into life of everyone.

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